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The professional leader in the field

Selection of the most experienced fighters specialized in action films as well as theatre work. They work in various teams focusing on specific aspects of fighting: Centaur, Swordsmen or Nemesis. At the same time many of them teach at fencing schools of Magisterium and A.K.A..They have a long list of film and theatre references and many original projects, both abroad and in our country.

Warriors team members can use fighting styles of different cultures and across all historical periods. They are proficient in use of weapons and armours from distant past to the future. They are prepared for challenging and original fighting performances that are characterized by captivating dynamics, masterful execution, graceful acrobatics, acting action and special effects.

Demanding training of A.R.G.O. Warriors allows them to achieve authentic spectacle, fiction and fantasy, the film realism and attractive show, full of unusual design of movement.

Special combat performances:

  • work with fire, burning people
  • throwing axes, knives and spears
  • work with a whip
  • falls and acrobatics
  • falling from horses
  • dragging by horses
  • laying horses
  • shooting from bows, crossbows, muskets, cannons, operation of siege engines