We design, sell and rent weapons and armours.

Our armoury is one of the most equipped film weapons and armours rental in Europe (over three thousand samples of weapons and armours of all historical eras – from the beginning of time through Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, present to the distant future and fantasy; various materials are used – metal, aluminium, wood, plastic, rubber.

We closely work with sixteen other stores of weapons and props throughout the Czech Republic. Within a few days we are able to deploy up to 100 complete plated armours, 30 tents or tens of firearms (muskets, cannons, bows...).

Provided armourer service

  • proposals of weapons design
  • production of weapons of various materials (metal, plastic, rubber, aluminium, wood,...)
  • mobile armoury
  • professional staff
  • own transport

Special arms effects

  • arrows, spears interventions
  • blades in the body
  • telescopic blades of swords and daggers
  • rental and production