A.K.A. Škola šermu / Fencing school

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A.K.A. - Academy of Knight's Arts

A.K.A. students focus not only on fencing of various masters and schools but they also ride horses and do archery. During their exploration of noble martial arts they travel through history of fighters and knights.

The school was founded by professionals who joined their forces and who belong to the top of the historical, martial and stage-fight fencing. Lecturers have got the experience in sport fencing field, as well as the martial arts of Asia and Europe. A.K.A. is based on the legacy of European School of historical martial arts Magisterium.

Out of the hundreds of beginners only dozens of those who are keen on fencing and armed fighting remain. The best ones gradually work their way up to Swordsmen, Nemesis or Centaur team and eventually to Warriors team. The intensive training and system of classes includes regular exams of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You can meet successfully qualified students in annual exhibition performances at the prestigious Festival of historical fighters in Tábor and other events.

Many professionals and specialists from Czechia and abroad are invited to workshops of AKA. One of the frequent guests is the legendary founder of Magisterium Ing. Peter Koza and his best students, dance choreographer Ladislav Beran, mime teacher from Prague HAMU Martin Sochor, experienced horse master Peter Barvík and many more.

All qualified students are ready to cooperate on filming projects.